Velaqua water filtration system is used in filtering water from springs and aquifers. No chemicals are applied in Velaqua filtration process. With the system it applies, it is able to purify, alkalinize and energize water. The materials the system uses apply forces of nature. It applies no electricity as well. Velaqua Water filters are majorly aimed at reducing the sediment presence and keep off bacteria and spores and it is rated at 0.2-0.9 microns. Velaqua replacement water filters also remove other water contaminants such as lead, mercury, herbicides and pesticides, asbestos amongst others. This is achieved through simple natures system. Water energizers include ceramic disc which is ion infused to break down and trap water molecules.

Rare-earth minerals including zeolite, far infrared and touramine help in re-energizing the body system. Activated carbon is the most proffered by different households. Activated carbon granules derived from the charcoal use the process of adsorption to trap and attract chemical impurities in water. It removes chlorine based chemicals, industrial solvents, and pesticides. The increase in the pH value of water is ensured by the natural minerals at the chamber buttons, including zeolite that helps in the ion exchange. Oxidation reduction potential of water is increased. This is, therefore, a powerful antioxidant.

Velaqua water filter also apply ion exchange method to purify water. The ion exchange filters are especially used to soften the water by removing lime scale. The method works by putting apart atoms of water contaminating substance in order to make ions. They, work to trap the ions and replace them with their own. The substance used in ion exchange filters is zeolite compound having sodium ions. The hard water, to be purified has contents of magnesium and calcium ions. When passed through the zeolite, magnesium and calcium ions split apart.

The filter beads attract the split magnesium and calcium ions, exchanging them with sodium ions. Water is therefore softened. After softening, water is then allowed to pass through organic coconut fiber carbon. It is mixed with colloidal silver to purify water further. The colloidal silver is widely known to be a powerful antiseptic. After the process, it is allowed into the Velaqua storage tank. Know the Alkaline water benefits here!

Water filtration and purification products mentioned above after sometimes of usage become less functional. There is, therefore, need to replace them. Velaqua replacement filters are widely available and are recommended after every six months. The options available to choose from include Velaqua filter kits for the water alkalizing. If you want to learn more about Velaqua Replacement Filters, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_filter.